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‘Cannonball’ Song Review

Julia King goes for a tender, full-hearted take on the singer-songwriter tradition with the gentle “Cannonball”. Things unfurl at their own unique pace for the piece has an introspective side to it. By far the core comes from Julia King’s bluesy vocals that rest at the very center of it all helping to tie everything together. Highly articulate the track unfurls to reveal a carefully crafted message, one whose narrative has a stream of consciousness poetic beauty to it. Never going too hard the song has a dreamy aura to it, courtesy of the delicate guitar work and soothing rhythms, with nothing ever rushed.

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‘Cannonball’ Song Review

Julia King’s sound is something like a smoother Shania Twain style, with perhaps a slightly deeper tone and a little more blues rock and soul at its core – leaning more towards Sheryl Crow as things progress. Cannonball is a huge song, not musically intense or heavy, but striking in the way it builds up and in the contrast as the verses lead into the hook. From a writing perspective, the song is refreshingly interesting – the melody feels completely new, particularly during those verses. Most melodies have undoubtedly already been crafted somewhere, in some form, at this point in our world – it’s rare to come across one that feels wholly original.


‘Cannonball’ Song Review

Long Island singer-songwriter Julia King recently dropped “Cannonball,” the first of several tracks she will release in anticipation of her full-length album slated to drop next year. On the surface, “Cannonball” is a song about a woman whose spirit can’t be suppressed or locked in a box, especially by a man who wants to control her. Underneath, the song reflects King’s sense of adventure and strength of character. While growing up on a rural Long Island farm, King realized music took precedence in her life. She grew up listening to Motown and classic rock, along with Sinatra, Billie Holiday, and Patsy Cline. Music was her lifeline.