Upcoming Album ‘Radio Therapy’ and It’s Greater Purpose

American Singer/Songwriter Julia King will release her first full-length album in January of 2020. Her album titled ‘Radio Therapy’ will be a concept album. Each song expresses a different mood or emotion not just in lyric but in genre and instrumentation. She likes to call it, “A therapy session put to music.”

Throughout her life, King has struggled with various mental health issues namely Anorexia and Depression. Music and Therapy were two things that helped her cope and eventually heal.

With this debut album she wants to share her ups and downs and raise awareness of music for mental health. King says music to her is more than just a good hook & a catchy melody or beat. It’s about connecting with people and giving them what they need to get through the day. Whether it’s to laugh, cry, dance, reflect, or be brave. Ultimately King says, “This album is for anyone out there going through anything. I did my best to write my truth for every situation. I hope you can find some comfort with it.”