American singer-songwriter Julia King has carved out her own path forward focusing not on finding her genre niche but on how her songwriting and artistry can integrate the divide and combine influences to create something wholly new and original.

King's roots stem from the Southern Rock and Classic Oldies she grew up on. You can feel the soul and twang that reside at the baseline of a lot of her music. Although, she wouldn't consider herself a Folk artist her latest single 'What Makes You Go' is everything a Folk/Country song begs for. Alternatively she has put out two previous singles 'Cannonball' and 'Lovers Lament' that are anything but Country. These latest releases are all part of a larger body of work she has been creating.

Julia King will release her first full length album in January 2020. This will be the brainchild of her exploration within and between genres. The album titled, 'Radio Therapy' will be a concept album where each song expresses a different mood or emotion not just in lyric but in genre and instrumentation. It will run through the gamut of Love, Lust, Happiness, Angst, Paranoia, Loneliness, Self-Reflection, & Strength with combinations of Country, R&B, Jazz, Pop, Rock Ballads, & Hard Rock.

This is not an album to be missed.