Julia King has always known that music was the most important thing in her life. As a child she felt comradeship with the lyrics of prolific songwriters like Smokey Robinson and Van Morrison. She would loose herself in the music and let it transport her into a world where it felt everyone understood her. Lyrics and melody became a huge part of how she would cope with life's endless ups and down.

"No one wants to listen to you cry, but they will listen to you sing about it. And, if you're any good, you wont be the only one with tear drops in the end." says King, and that's just what she set out to do. "Not just to make people cry!" she laughs, but to make people feel her music. "If I write about it, its coming from a place of knowledge and understanding, I've been though it or I’ve felt it."

To Miss King listening to music has always been her way to not feel alone, her therapy, to know someone else out there gets her mood. So naturally, her music is relatable and moody. You will be captivated by her soulful and earthy vocals that invoke feelings of a time gone by and lyrics that can stand the test of time. Her musical style transcends specific genre labels, but hovers around Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, and Folk/Americana.